President Supports Plans Affairs about Football

President Supports Plans Affairs about Football

President Supports Plans Affairs about Football

Jakarta – Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi Joko Widodo met with the president today to discuss in particular on the development of football in the country.

Here is a description of Imam told reporters, after meeting with the president at the State Palace, Jl. Veteran, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (06/05/2015):

What is discussed in, sir?

I was treated to sweet tea and there is a snack as well. Snack snacks. (Then smile).

Second, the president asked me to continue to make changes related to the governance of football this matter and should not be stopped. Of course with clear step-step, with a clear blue print, because the president is very concerned about the changes in the governance of our football.

Is there a specific request from the President?

We report all because we’ve been stacking blueprint, technical efforts and strategies related to the structure, and also about the competition, all has been delivered to him. He is also concerned that competition should not be stopped. That is important. If the operator is now willing and ready to implement the competition please be continued. If it is not willing then to look for a new operator. It was a presidential directive.

No decision taken about the PSSI?

Yes, go ahead.

So keep it frozen?


Transition team?

He asked one by one and we explained and he’s asking for 1-2 days to see the figures in the transition team. He did not want to continue in trouble and do not have integrity. Willingness and ability to see our football.

His job transition team?

Competition control, monitor competition objectively, fairplay, accountable, honest, open and certainly there should be no mafia ball. There should be no fixing, there can be no gajinyatertunggak player, or umpire who is not paid. Concern healthy club back and their rights are met.

When will the league will begin again?

We send a letter to PT the league for at least 9 mei held their kick off yesterday to melanjutkanyang their own delay it. I have not been able to officially reply. He said the earliest possible date would call PT Liga.

FIFA warning about?

FIFA PSSI reprimand, not us. We are a sovereign state. We want to have a future projections, the great ideals and pride of the nation. We see as achievements in the future.

Although the freeze PSSI was not it the government?

So far FIFA has not sent a letter to us. So far …

The scenario is a matter of competition, how, sir?

Hope I hope PT league wants. If not, we should not sacrifice the club. We must not sacrifice the competition. Competition should be the way means we are going to do an open biding for prospective new operators. All we do is transparent and open.

It was later set up a transition team, to talk with the new operator, if indeed this operator (PT League) did not want to.