Forget problems, Bakal Evra Suarez Handshake

Forget problems, Bakal Evra Suarez Handshake

Forget problems, Bakal Evra Suarez Handshake

Madrid – Patrice Evra and Luis Suarez had been a great enemy on the field. However, for the Champions League final next month, Evra will forget about the problem and shaking hands with Suarez.

Evra and Suarez was involved in the year 2011 ago, when both were Manchester United and Liverpool. At that time, Suarez was found guilty because hurl racist powerful words to Evra. Impact, Suarez also received a sentence of as much as 8 match ban and a fine of 400,000 pounds.

At the next meeting after serving a sentence, Suarez refused to shake Evra’s hand. This incident could invite debate, but Suarez and Liverpool manager at the time, Kenny Dalglish, immediately give an apology.

Now, Evra and Suarez will meet in the final of the Champions League. Evra calls, had played as a starter in the game, he will still shake hands before the match Suarez.

“I am proud of my origins, I am also proud of the color of my skin, and I will continue to shake his hand. It was not a problem,” said Evra as reported by Sky Sports.

“However, I would still make the game run heavy for him,” said Evra.

Juventus, which reinforced Evra, advanced to the final of the Champions League after eliminating Real Madrid with a 3-2 aggregate. Meanwhile, Suarez and Barcelona stepped up after eliminating Bayern Munich 5-3 on aggregate.

This season’s Champions League final will be held on June 6, 2015 at the Olympiastadion, Berlin, Germany.